A food journey + Meal Prep | Food

When you still live with your parents, especially with a mom like mine, you usually don’t cook often. She loves her children and one of the ways to show it in our family is through food. Plus, when I was a teenager, I wasn’t the one showing interest in actual cooking. But, don’t get me wrong, I love food, all sorts of food! Since I live with my man, I kinda took over the kitchen. Not because he’s bad at cooking – au contraire! – but I love trying new things and I realized quickly that cooking was a way for me to relax, forget about a bad day and keep going!

Since I live with my man, I kinda took over the kitchen. Not because he’s bad at cooking – au contraire! – but I love trying new things and I realized quickly that cooking was a way for me to relax, forget about a bad day and keep going! So, for the past few years, I’m trying to develop better ways and less expensive ways too to cook and offer good and balanced food. Back in January, I also realized that I was doing something wrong for my body. Like I said, I love food. But, food doesn’t always love me: just by looking at a chocolate cake, I could gain weight. I then decided to use the MyFitnessPal app from Under Armour. It was the most helpful thing I could do for myself. I realized what I was doing wrong with my diet: not enough breakfast, too much food in the middle of the day. Basically, my daily food intake was unbalanced throughout the day and ”made me” eat more than I actually needed. After a few months, I got the grip of it and felt confident to let go of the app and do it on my own! Since then, I eat what I want but with a better conscience about the amount that I eat without restricting myself.

Now, I’ve set myself a new challenge in the kitchen: cooking from scratch and meal prep. Most of us would think that buying food that is already prepared or ready-to-go is the easy and quick way to go. At first, that’s what I thought too. But, beware! It’s maybe quick and easy but it’s also (usually) full of salt, sugar, and fat that will do no good for you nor your body. Thanks to my man, a few years back, he told me that I wasn’t doing good for myself and that it was influencing greatly and in a bad way my emotions and energy. That’s when I started to change things in the kitchen. Since then, I cook almost everything from fresh and non-transformed ingredients: sauces, snacks, meat in bulk, smoothies, juices, frozen yogurt, breakfast … That’s how I ended up with the challenge of meal prep on Sundays.

When you type Meal prep onto YouTube, they’re countless videos available to us. But, most of them – well the ones I watch at least – are without explanations and that’s why it felt like it was a challenge. Plus, a lot of them are vegan or vegetarian meal prep. It’s not that I don’t like vegan or vegetarian food, but we do love meat and fish in my household. Adding meat and fish within a meal prep meant to me that it would take more time to do so because of the cooking time needed and I still didn’t know where or how to start with all that food on my counters. That when Healthnut Nutrition YouTube channel came (again!) to my help! A few days ago, she did a video on meal prep for beginners. I finally had a better idea of the whole system that hides behind a meal prep after a month trying to figure it out by myself, haha.

Here is what I was able to cook on my last meal prep (recipes link down below):

Recipes :
–  Slow Cooker Bolognese Sauce from Ricardocuisine.com
–  Pineapple lemonade from Trois fois par jour (recipe available in the second Tome only)
–  Smoothie packs for the week inspired by the Ziploc ad on Pinterest
–  Blueberry bars from the fourth magazine of Cuisine futée (sorry, no links!)

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and that it will inspire you to try more food and easier ways to stay healthy without restricting yourself. Have a good week!


***This is my personal food journey from the past few months/years. I’m in no way qualified to evaluate or propose advice to anyone. Please seek professional advice if you feel the need to better your relationship with food. 🙂 ***

Keep it all together – Extra | Motivation

People would think that with a journal, a productivity planner and a planner with daily, monthly and even weekly sheets I would the most organized, planned and prepared person on this planet. WRONG!

Of course, I’m organized and I do love my life when it’s planned up to a point. And I do have issues when something planned doesn’t actually goes as planned but that’s for another time. To make sure that I don’t plan two things at the same time or forget an important meeting, I also use other planning tools: a monthly wall planner at home and Google Calendar.

Monthly wall planner at home
I believe I first used a month wall calendar in my bedroom when I still live at my parent’s. I could write down anything I wanted and keep track of everything at the same time. It helped me a lot with my part-time jobs, CEGEP class schedule, friends and family events. At one point, I stopped using it and it ended up in the trash. It was probably not to my decor taste any more or so dirty that I couldn’t erase the marks. At the beginning of 2017, I clean my office at home so I could only have what I need to work and be focused on the task ahead. Of course, there’s also some decor on that table to keep it alive like scented candles and pictures frames.

That’s when I bought another monthly wall calendar at Indigo. The design was simple so I could maximise the space of the wall calendar and I was convinced that it will last a long time because of it. Like my other planners, I didn’t really use it in July and realized that I didn’t really need it in front of me in my office so I changed it to put it next to our kitchen and entry way so my husband and I can consult it for family and friends events. We also write down any work-related event that is out of our regular schedule and birthdays. It’s now more easy to know what’s coming up and plans meals and even the week ahead.

Google Calendar
It’s no surprise these days that someone uses an online or virtual calendar. Most companies now work with them along with our own calendar whether you have a work cell phone or not. I use it for two reasons: If by any circumstances I forget my planner at home, I still can plan on my computer or phone and check if it’s not in conflict with anything else. The other reason is that I can share my calendar with my man, my sister, everybody!


So why all those planners and journals and not just an online one? It’s simple really. When I write things down, I remember them better and I’m more prepared for what’s coming. I love being prepared, being ready. It’s almost an issue sometimes because when something doesn’t happen as planned, it’s driving me crazy. With time, I’m getting better at it and I’m less nervous when it happens now. Another reason is that way, it’s easy for me to make sure that I don’t book something when there’s something already and that I can do that wherever and whenever I have or need to.

Hope you enjoy this series with me about how I plan my everyday life and talk to you soon!