Back to school without classes | Life

For many of us out there, it’s that time of the year when some of us can’t wait to go back to school and others that couldn’t run fast enough to escape it. For me, summer was always too long before going back to school. Some people might call me a nerd for that, but I don’t really mind. I enjoy school and I still do! I’m actually doing my master’s degree and debuting my redaction year right now. For some of us, summer didn’t really happen either since when you study at that level you keep studying and reading all year-round.

So yes, this semester I’m still at school… but without actual classes. And, yes, you have to pay to do so. It actually blows my mind: how can I go to school without classes, schedules or even deadlines?? I talk to my mémoire’s director and actually asked her that very question. At first, she started laughing. She told that it was totally normal to feel how I was feeling but that she wasn’t worried about me and, when you think about it, she’s right about how I feel! It’s been what, 21 years now that I go to school with classes, directions, schedules, projects, and evaluations on a monthly basis. Nothing really prepares you to keep going when all this is gone except the actual physical school and yourself. I’m actually by myself for everything this time!

That also confirms what I’ve been thinking for a while: team projects doesn’t help you for the future. I understand that learning and knowing how to work with others is crucial in a school environment, but it’s also crucial to learn and know what you’re able to do by yourself. I believe that our school system totally forgot about the fact after school, we are on our own in the work life. Yes, you will work with others, but it’s your pay check, not ours.

Which brings me to my next point. It’s not because I don’t have classes that I have all the free time in the world, oh no! I cannot really know how much time I will need to do my mémoire, but I can try to plan it! That why I’m planning a school-like schedule for the semester to come – we start on September 5th and we stop in December for the holidays. The plan is to do like I was having actual classes and starting to work on my paper at the same hours, as well as for my jobs. Since I work at the same place that I will study and train, it should be ”easy” to stick with my schedule. But I know myself and my own brain. Even though I will tell myself that I start at 9h30 whatever I have planned for that morning, I will also tell myself that there’s no teachers or other students that are waiting for me and eventually stay in bed until too late.

I NEED to find something that will force me to get out of bed.
Anybody have an idea out there?