I’m on a boat! …was on a boat. | Life

Last week-end, my man and I went to the Whitby Marina in Ontario. A family friend (more like a member now!) owns a boat out there. To go, we had to decide how to get there. Car? Train? Bus? Plane??

We decided to take the bus with Megabus since they were the only one doing this trip this week-end with low prices. The other option was the train – much pricier – or drive ourselves – didn’t think much of it since my man doesn’t like driving.  Unfortunately, it was the worst decision I could ever take. Yes, the prices are affordable, but those tickets are non-refundable and we had the worst service. Our first bus was on Friday morning when it was pouring outside. The bus was leaking on the second level on the seats. We didn’t see it coming when it leak on my head! Lukely, we could change seats – the bus wasn’t full yet. We arrived at destination about 10 minutes later then schedule which is not bad.

The week-end was great and we had the chance to go out on Saturday on the Ontario Lake. The waves and the wind were strong. Perfect for a ride on the Philosophe (the boat). My man and I also realised that when at MArina and on the boat we didn’t have any breathing or physicial issues. We both have knee issue (I had a surgery when I was 17 and he broke his last year) and difficulty breathing with our allergies and the city air. We never really realise the city impact on our breathing capacity before that since we live and work withing the city. We really enjoyed ourselves there with my family. 🙂

The ride to go back thou was a pain in the butt! We paid for round-trip tickets and was suppose to leave on the bus at 9h20 Sunday morning. At 10 am, the bus was no where to be seen. I finally called customer service to know what was going on and the representative told me that the bus had broke down and needed to be replace and so they do. The bus would be an hour late. Around 10h20, we actually saw the bus on the highway but the bus didn’t take the exit to pick us up! I was pissed! We finally made it to Montreal by paying and taking the train. Since Monday, i’m trying to get a hold of the company to get a refund and compensation (aka paying for my train tickets). They were supposed to called me yesterday (Friday) but they didn’t. Next Monday is going to be fun on the phone with them 😉

Here are a few pictures from that week-end and when we went out on the Ontario Lake. Those waves!



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