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I’M SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is long overdue and here it is!

After talking to you about my journal and my productivity planner, it’s now time to talk about my ”homemade” planner. But, first, a little journey about how I got to the point to actually compose my own planner. Last year, I bought a 2016-2017 planner from Kate Spade New York. It was white with golden polka dots and seems to fit my organizational & planning needs. After the first 6 months, so basically 2016, I realize that it wasn’t the case. Guys, I’m officially unable to function with a full week on only 2 pages. There’s no place on those pages to add anything. There’s no space! Yes, there’s a little section at the back for lists or info that you need to be written down but going back and forth between that section and the week that is concerned is not my jam! So like you might imagine, I start in January to look for the ”perfect” planner, MY perfect planner.

After looking around on the internet and in stores for what was available to us, I quickly realize that what I wanted would either cost me a fortune to order or simply didn’t exists. So I turned – obviously – to YouTube for some DIY video or something along those lines and, of course, I was surrounded by DIY bullet journals. At first, it sounds like a good idea since it’s not every day that would have to write something down in my planner. Some days are actually empty sometimes and apparently, it’s good for us to have days with nothing… So I started to make a bullet journal with a booklet and quickly realized that I’m not an artist. I know it didn’t need to be perfect like you can see in some Pinterest post or YouTube videos but at least it could be a little bit cute, no? So the empty journal now beautiful bullet journal went quickly to the trash – the idea, not the actual journal.

It’s at this point that I ended up on this video. I was amazed and a little bit discouraged by my lack of idea. I never thought about looking for a normal binder that would be the right size. After watching it, I went online to see if the articles that she was using (or similar ones) were available in Canada and yes, they were! Thank you, 😛

That’s how mine ended up looking and I still do some changes from time to time. That kind of planner is great for that. A good example is that, in July, I didn’t really need my planner so I didn’t use it or update it before the end of last month. The plus is that I didn’t waste paper or space in my planner. Another bonus for me is that it doesn’t require my inner (not so good) artist. Colored gel pen, stickers and washi tapes are my new best friends that take care of that for me, haha!


As for my daily planner pages and other ones, I did the same kind of research and start trying them when they seem to correspond to what I was looking for and I always stop using them after a week or two. I then decided to make my own… on Microsoft Word. It’s maybe not the best tool for it, but it did the job!

Next motivation blog will be the last part of the ”Keep it all together” series about all the extra tools that I use on top of this journal and planners.

Have a good one!



8 thoughts on “Keep it all together – Planner | Motivation

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  2. Hello everybody, I did not.
    I agree we have a similar perspective but I didn’t know that website nor their article before you all left me that same message. Sometimes, it will happen that different website or blog or youtube channel will have the same perspective or idea. It happens. All I say is that it was the case, I would’ve mention it.
    Hope you all have a great day! 🙂


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