Bouffons!MTL! | Looking around

Yesterday, I went out with my man and another couple to try out the event Bouffons!MTL! It’s a drink and food event where you can try a bunch of food from different stands and some of the Montreal food trucks. Although you have to pay for the drinks and food, the access to the site and event are free. Bouffons!MTL! is open until July 30th from noon until 11 pm. I also feel the need to tell you to come prepared with cash (not all the stand take credit or debit) and a small bag or a bag with not a lot in since they do a bag check when you come in.

We tried a gin-lemonade drink (twice) that was great in taste and balance and the food as well was varied and tasteful. But I need to be honest with you, and it’s not going to be a surprise for some of you, it was a costly evening out. Depending on the food stand, the price wasn’t always reflective of the portion-size. For example, even if my husband and I enjoyed the salmon tartare, the size of it was actually disappointing for 11$ (if I remember right) and I’ve tried enough tartare in enough places to know if the price is right or  (a little) too much. If you’re planning on going, I also suggest what we did: take a look around! It might seem obvious to many of you but I saw many families and group of friends simply buying along the way and realized that they couldn’t taste X food (or drink) at some point because they were already full or out of cash. When you do take a look around, you know your options and what seems to be the best food to try for yourself.

Here are some of the photos I took of the event yesterday and talk to you soon!



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