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These days, these years or even these decades (!), nobody is ”only” a business man or a mother or a student. It was probably easier when everybody had one job or one etiquette. Like you, I’m not just a student or just a wife. I’m also a (freshly new) blogger, a part-time worker, a foodie, a coffee addict… So, how can we all keep it all together you ask? Three words : planning, planning, planning!

These are my planners and guides :

Keeping it all together - My planners

It might looks like a lot for only one person and one life but when you’re a young adult in 2017, you can not really make it with only one book because it’s going to be a HUGE one! There’s even another booklet inside one of them, so make it a total of 5 planners, kinda. Let’s start in order of the day so you can see why I use so many and why, maybe, these could be a useful tool for you too!

While I was writing this post, I realize it would be an extra long one if I was to talk about each one of them. And belive me when I tell you I have a lot to tell! So, for today’s post, I’ll focus on the first one I get in touch with in the day – The five-minute journal. I first heard about it a few months ago while I was watching a YouTube video from HealthNutNutrition.


I never was quite good with journals, even when I was a teen. You do it for 3 days straight and you feel good about yourself and suddenly you skip a day, then 2, then 3 and suddenly it’s been a month that you didn’t write a line in that journal. So yeah, it’s been years that I gave up on keeping a journal up to date and went on with my life with an agenda. You can imagine that I was sceptical about this method, specially because it focusses on the good (I’m a natural pessimistic person) and that you have to write in it twice a day which meant to me twice the time was then needed for it than a ”normal” journal.

Guys, this journal is great! At first,  it wasn’t easy to write something on every line. It took me a few days before I could actually fully write a page. I also skip a few days here and there since I started it (May 2017). Sometimes, schedule can be a mess! Basically,  that journal brought me two things that I didn’t I was ”missing” : positivism and opportunism. It might be two similar things but there’s quite different in their impact on my everyday life. In fact, since I started, I find it easier to focus on the good things that happen during the day rather than the bad. I’m better with myself and also with my family and friends since then. It brought me what I was hoping a journal would bring me for so long while being easy and simple to write in. Hope everyone has a technic to brightly start their day! Actually, what is yours people?

See you next week when we’ll dive in my personal (and DIY) planner 🙂


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